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Monday, 4 June 2012

Love (life)

This weekend marked the passing of my 36th birthday. I actually love birthdays. I love life and birthdays mark the day life really began. So I always celebrate my birthday, in some way. This year felt particularly special for many reasons.

As I reflect on this last year I am, once again, in utter amazement at how much can actually happen within the span of one year. I feel warm inside at how far I feel I've come and how fortunate I am in my life right now. I am blessed with a wonderful family, a network of supportive friends and a job that is so marvelous it astounds me. It's funny that when I was young I used to dream about what it might be like to be this age. I couldn't wait to grow up! I thought by now I would have a couple kids, maybe some chickens, a goat or two, perhaps a porch swing. While I'm a looong way off from acquiring any of that, I really can't complain about the direction my life has taken me.

So far, from what I can figure out, I am happiest not with what I've accumulated but with the relationships I've built, the hearts that have touched mine, the people who've inspired me, and the amazing places I've been along the way. I'm so incredibly grateful to all of you who helped make this such an amazing time. Thank you for the surprise "party", the wonderful flowers, the non-stop hilarity, the sweet shiny things, the presents, the incredible food and the friendship and love that really does absolutely melt my heart.

It's times like these when I see so clearly the gorgeous interconnectedness of everything. It's a great mystery, this life, and I'm starting to understand how even the heartbreak and the times of disappointment are all merely just moments clearing the way to greater things. It's inspiring to be appreciated, to be loved, to be honored. Doing this for one another is so important. So - thank you, again, to those of you who help keep my head out of the clouds and always seem to give me the inspiration to keep growing.