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Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Feng Shui

Feng Shu-what?!

I have amazing friends. I really do. I know the most fascinating people.
One day I'd like to rent a big huge room and just invite all the amazing people I know to come and have dinner. It would be the most vibrant and colorful dinner party EVER....filled with tons of laughter and the most astonishing conversations, I'm sure.

One such person who ranks highly on my list of favorite people is my friend Ginette Hunter. She happens to be a professional Feng Shui expert and consultant. Her business is called Harmony By Design.She has helped me many times in the past as I've sought her advice and expertise on several occasions.I can honestly say that Ginette is a true angel in this world. (Even though her assistance, at times, has created pretty wild waves of change in my life - it ultimately always ends up for the better.) ;)

Feng Shui is the ancient oriental art and science of balancing Chi, or energy flow, by arranging your home, your furniture, your belongings to create optimal flow of Chi in your environment. (That is probably the simplest and most Feng Shui For Dummies explanation ever given, but this stuff is pretty fascinating and seriously totally amazing!!)

The premise behind this whole practice is that you arrange your home/room/office with respect to certain Feng Shui rules including - the compass directions, the elements, and some of your personal details that the Feng Shui expert can help you uncover. I know I'm not really doing this any justice by trying to explain such a deep and immeasurably fascinating thing but this may be something you just might want to research more deeply....

I once brought Ginette to a friend's home who was  having a very difficult time trying to sell his house and was attempting to move forward with his career with absolutely no success no matter what he tried or how much energy he attempted to put out there in promoting himself. Ginette worked with him, which isn't easy and sometimes requires a bit of effort as things often need to be organized, de-cluttered, thrown away and rearranged. Within a few short months of the Feng Shui being applied to his home his house sold, he got a new job, a new girlfriend and his health and reputation soared to new heights, almost effortlessly. It was pretty wild to witness actually.

Ginette has worked with me in my office and helped to create a beautiful serene place in the middle of the city that actually seems to embrace you when you walk through the door, it's that peaceful. So - I decided recently to have her come into my home and help me re-arrange, re-align and re-energize my living space for Spring. With the busyness of my new schedule and the impending possibility of a big move in my very near future, I thought it would be a perfect time to get organized.

Little did I know how intense this would be.

I mean, this is like a full-on cleansing. I always thought my home was pretty organized. WRONG! As I started to sort through my closets and my home office  I'm discovering there is waaaaaay too much clutter lying around and hidden underneath and in between places I never even realized! And I'm uncovering strange things that I've "saved" for some odd reason. Like - old love letters, to-do lists, files from years ago that serve absolutely no purpose. According to Ginette, and the laws of Feng Shui, all these things act like stagnant heavy energy that inhibit proper circulation of healthy 'chi'. And it's so interesting how each part of your home represents a part of your life. When she began explaining to me how even certain art that was hanging in certain areas of the room were affecting the corresponding areas of my life - it was astounding. According to Ginette - she can tell exactly what's happening in a person's life just by walking into their home. This stuff literally boggles my mind.

An interesting side note - Donald Trump has personal Feng Shui consultants too. He takes this stuff VERY seriously and apparently doesn't build, buy or work anywhere that hasn't been properly 'feng shui-ed'.

At the moment I'm staring at a mound of clutter that needs to be purged. So far, this is not fun.
But - I've been assured it's all for the best and that the rewards at the end of all this will far outweigh the burdens of the task of sorting and clearing and re-arranging. Ugh. I hope so....

Off I go to shop for shelving units and closet organizers.....


  1. The "simple" act of re-organizing one's space can lead you to such a powerful path.....YOU are to be congratulated!
    We may not feel that we have control over world events but we do have total control of our immediate space which effects every area of our lives....When we are not comfortable facing some area's of our lives, we becomes stagnate not able to move forward. Just as blockage in the body blockage in our space provides unhealthy experiences. Feng Shui is very real, I'm so pleased that you have given yourself the opportunity to experience all it's gifts of self discovery. Thank you, Namaste.

  2. Thank you, as always, Ginette for your words of wisdom. This has truly been a phenomenal experience. Changes are already presenting since the work we've done. I LOVE the new set up btw! Anyone who wishes to learn more about Feng Shui or Ginette's work please email me directly for her info...

  3. ...Or check out Ginette's new website @