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Monday, 28 March 2011


What an incredible weekend.

Not only is it Spring (which I love) but I had the great pleasure, and honor, of teaching this weekend at 2 different Yoga Teacher Trainings in Toronto and Hamilton (which I also love).

It's just so cool to be with a room full of aspiring yoga teachers from so many backgrounds, so many different countries, different cultures. Their excitement and energy is contagious. They all seem so keen with such high hopes and aspirations about the path that's being laid before them. I remember being like that and feeling like I was becoming part of something really sacred and special. When you start to delve into all the history and philosophy of yoga, it's origins and it's true meaning - there's a very palpable energy that enters the room. You can get the sense of just how ancient and amazing this whole practice is. Thousands and thousands of years of people training their bodies, their minds; searching for answers on how to make life meaningful and powerful. I obviously know yoga is not the only way to make life meaningful and powerful, but the richness of it's history is quite remarkable. Quite amazing.

But I have to admit...there was a tiny part of me that thought "Oh boy! These folks have no idea what they're in for!" LOL!! At first when you learn yoga, true yoga beyond just the postures and the workout, you can sometimes feel like your life is now going to become totally blissful, and easy and so much less stressful. When, in actual fact, sometimes the opposite is true for a little while. All the teachings are great...but it's putting them into practice, and remembering them when life starts to squeeze you, that is the challenge. Because the truth is - whether you're a 'yoga teacher' or not, you are not immune to stress. Especially now in our modern world when we're no longer sitting around in caves all day meditating for hours on end.  Challenges will still present themselves. You will still get deeply disappointed, angry, upset, panicked, hurt by other people and by life. That is why the teachings focus so much on Trust. Humility. Patience. Because without all that - it's nearly impossible to truly 'practice Yoga'.

But my heart and my deepest wishes for success and endless joy go out to all the aspiring yogis I met this weekend. May your hearts remain open and may your newfound practices give you strength and more of those moments of indescribable bliss and connection that make it ALL worthwhile! Om Namah Shivayah...

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