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Thursday, 22 December 2011

What If?

"What if your job was to uplift those around you?"
This is a question that was recently posted online by a Semperviva Yoga Teacher.

It made me smile.

I attempt, as consciously as I can, to do that as often as I can. With every class I teach, every client that walks through my door, and with the every day goings-on in my tiny lil' world. It's not always easy. BELIEVE ME. I mean, there are moments (a lot more lately) when it's effortless. I do the best I can. But I'm human. Human...and capable of having bad days, big expectations and some fairly funky dark moods on occasion. Human...and always learning. Sometimes "my best" is better than others. And those "other" times? Well...let's just leave that for another day.

This holiday season has been an interesting one. I'm filled with a desire to celebrate getting through to the end of this year! But also a feeling of utter humility at the amazing lessons that have been learned.

As a community, a few dozen of us recently got together for a couple of very special yoga classes. Classes that collectively warmed us up, got us moving, and soothed our weary souls with the awesome energy of live drum and kirtan beats. The plan was to donate proceeds to a couple of local charities to help uplift others who may be in need this holiday season.

To be honest, I think we're all in need in some way. Regardless of our life situation we're all so very similar. Each of us searching and longing for basically the exact same things.

We talked at the classes about the interconnectedness of everything, about Yoga as a practice of cultivating Union. We reminded each other that all that we do, say and intend ultimately comes back to us and affects all those around us. And that part of our yoga practice was to be conscious of that fact and do what we can, however small, to honor the connection we have to each other by occasionally, whenever possible, giving back to the community without attachment or need for anything in return. Just giving, freely, for the sheer joy that that brings.

So - I wanted the money that was raised at the classes to make an impact and be donated to where it was needed most. After speaking with 3 different employees at the Port Colborne Community Outreach Center at Port Cares it became evident that what was needed was food. Simple as that. Specifically - fresh produce, milk, eggs and meat. So a generous donation was made in the form of a grocery store gift card that the good folks at the food bank will use to purchase much needed items.

After doing a bit more research I discovered that Community Cares here in the St Catharines area was in need of donations. So I went shopping! I purchased toiletries, soaps, deodorant, gift packs, candles and other luxuries that may not be affordable for some people at this time. Little things that you or I may take for granted every day.

So - for those of you who came out and participated in these special holiday yoga classes - Thank You. Your time and energy went to a very good cause and you contributed to making Christmas a little brighter for a whole lot of people!

Happy Holidays. Enjoy each other. Be safe. Be happy.

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