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Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Carpe Diem

"Celebrate we will, because life is short but sweet for certain."

- Dave Matthews Band

We all have goals... dreams that percolate in the back of our minds and propel us to do some remarkable things and take some interesting risks. Some of these goals are immediate, some far off in the distance. By working hard and focusing on what you want to get out of life, you increase the probability of achieving all of your dreams. In the end there are no guarantees, so I think it's best to make the most of each day by celebrating and cherishing the moment instead of looking too far forward too often. Know what you truly want. Plan for it. See it, feel it, believe in it. But stay present in each day and remember to love fully, relax and smile often, and celebrate what each day brings. Have a sense of humor! Work hard, be disciplined and dedicated to what you truly desire. But remember to laugh! Laugh and smile and relish the hilarity and the comedy of life. (It adds 8 years by the way.....)

This time of year, so many people are excited and energized by the thought of a "new year", a "fresh start", a chance to begin again and create something inspiring. I know I am. So - what does it take to really stick with those intentions? Passion. Drive. Belief (even just a little) that you CAN and you WILL have what you want. You are worthy of good things. They will be yours if you truly want them.

You see, sometimes negativity, laziness and pessimism are nothing more than habits. Just habits we've gotten used to. Habits we somehow feel "comfortable" in. Because they've become so familiar. Doesn't mean they're permanent. Doesn't mean you can't easily shift into something different.

Want to try yoga but have been too intimidated? Tired of getting the same haircut over and over? Want to go back to school? Go for it! Tomorrow is not a promise. Seize the opportunities while
you still can! Life is meant for the living.

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