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Wednesday, 6 June 2018

Embracing Change, moving on.

Greetings friends, family and fellow Yogis,

I have a big announcement for you and I am filled with a variety of mixed emotions as I write this. Change always seems to do that doesn't it? As I sit and reflect on the last few years I am deeply humbled by all that Life has presented on this wild and wonderful path. I have had the greatest pleasure of serving the region of Niagara for over 15 years. My work in the yoga community has always been one of my deepest Joys. The last 5 years at our current studio location have definitely been some of the most memorable!

The Village Yogi was a literal vision and dream come true in many ways. From the designing, the renovating and the eventual opening of this special place, it was nothing short of magical how it all came together. We have been busy since the day we opened. Our little community grew quickly and the studio became a sanctuary for all of us. I have seen relationships built, new friendships forged and immense healing in so many lives, including my own.

Shortly after opening The Village Yogi we were "gifted" with a new landlord. Sadly it was quickly determined that her personality was not a good fit for a business centered in cultivating calm and joy. We've had our work cut out for us in dealing with her, that's for sure! These last 5 years have brought tremendous change for me personally also. The unexpected passing of my father, just months after opening the studio, and my mother's subsequent descent into Alzheimer's have been some of the greatest challenges in my life. Devastating actually. Through it all I have tried to remain transparent. After all - yoga is about accepting and embracing Life as it unfolds. Even when it isn't "pretty" or easy.

So here we find ourselves at the end of our 5 year lease at this current location. I have searched and searched for a new home for The Village Yogi. Exhausting myself in the process.  So - instead of trying to swim upstream, I am following the gentle nudgings of the Universe and will be taking some time to fill my own well, spend some quality time with my Mother as she slips slowly into the final stages of her illness, spend some much-needed time in Nature, and will be taking some additional trainings to immerse myself in my own practice again. Bring on the summer of self love and self care!

Please know that as I continue to search for our new studio home, I will be offering a 7 week summer yoga series, just down the street at the Holy Trinity Anglican Church located at 1557 Pelham st. Classes will run: Monday and Friday mornings at 9:30am, and Wednesday evenings at 6pm (& possibly 7:30pmas well). Punch cards can be used for these classes or you may choose to register for the series. Punch card passes are currently on sale until June 25th. You can purchase online here if you like.

Although I absolutely adore our cozy amazing studio, I am ready for change. Although there is sadness in letting go of all the work we've done here to keep this business running, I know that when one door closes, another always opens. I know great things are on the horizon because the Universe always has my back. So - let's get excited together about the unknown. Let's stay in gratitude for all the abundant blessings already present in our lives. Let's move forward into the unknown with a wide open heart. The possibilities truly are endless.

With deep bows of gratitude and infinite love to each of you,
Thank you for being a part of this journey with me and for trusting me to be a part of yours.
The future is bright my friends!
Hope to see you on the mat this summer.

Heather Jones

ps - please stay posted to the website and facebook page for special class, workshop, and Costa Rica retreat announcements. There are many exciting changes and plans on the horizon...

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