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Sunday, 5 June 2011

Don't Fear The Sunshine, Everything's Better In The Summertime...

Dear Universe: Thank you for surrounding me with so much amazingness.

The birds are chirping, the landscape has become lush and abundant almost overnight,the Canadian Geese in my back yard have had some cute fuzzy babies, people are finally emerging from the long cold winter and suddenly everything is starting to feel fresh and new again. Yep - something magical is brewing. That's for sure. I feel it. I see it. I embrace it.

There's a burning in my heart and I'm trying not to be alarmed but, wow, it is certainly growing.... and growing... and growing....

This week was a blurr of wonderful unexpected surprises and so so much love. A fresh new perspective and a feeling of immense gratitude has begun to permeate everything. I can't honestly imagine ever having a better birthday. There has been so many things that have happened recently that I have to be immensely grateful for.

To each and every one of you that I am, or have been, so fortunate to know - Thank You for being amazing in your own special ways. Such wonderful teachers you all are for me!

Specifically :
TM- (For teaching me how to be receptive and helping me learn what real gratitude feels like.)
KC- (For the constant reminder now that I can just Sit And Chill.)
L&M in Vacationland.
SG- (For the cupcakes. Once a cupcake, always a cupcake. Often imitated, never duplicated.)
VV- (For the birthday song! ...and the late night chats even when you're crazy busy.)
NE- (Just for being you.)
JF- (For all the little things. Girl, you are wonderful. See it, feel it, know it. And hurry, because we all already do!)
LIL' E- (For taking the time to make me a card. You are so thoughtful and so creative. Just like your beautiful mom!)

EM- (For working out hard and the Booster Juice bonanzas afterwards.)
The Stunning Women of Port Dalhousie- with your nuts & brie, your incredibly generous hospitality (and your wonderful home)- You make it look so easy.
NH- (For having the courage to bring #4 into the world. An amazing woman you are.)
Roey- (Excellent timing with the texts...)
MR DC- (For resisting the urge to ruin it again this year.)
CS- (For reminding me who my true friends are and helping me understand it's ok to express myself and be honest even when it might be a little raw, or make others "uncomfortable".)
CT- (For simply moving on. You've freed me.)
The super hot guy at Petro Can- (Just for looking! Lol. Thanks for making me feel like I haven't totally lost it!)
and Ma & Pa Jones. Thank you.

I've got so much love for all of you.

Oh and Ms. Catherine - I totally agree - "Carpe Diem."

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  1. Eggs out of nests16 June 2011 at 05:55

    This day was fun fun fun! We all needed that! I need to shred up! Summer of shred here we come!!