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Monday, 12 September 2011

Happy Harvest Moon, Sept. 11th

Happy Full Moon. It`s a Harvest Moon. The last days of summer slowly fade and the grapes are almost ready for harvest here in the wine region in my tiny town in Ontario Canada. On this absolutely perfect late summer evening, the sky is clear, the moon is so bright it illuminates everything beautifully and I doubt I`ll sleep much at all tonight.

There`s always a vibrant excited energy around the full moon. My police officer and paramedic friends say they `just know` when the moon is full. Apparently life on the streets gets a wee bit crazier this time of the month.

Yet tonight, it`s not just about the beautiful weather and the richness of the bounty of our late summer harvests. It is also September 11th - a day that will simply never be the same after the events in NYC 10 years ago. It is the anniversary of a day of absolute horror. Absolute fear. Total and complete tragedy. My heart goes out to all who were affected by those horrible events. While we will never be able to erase what happened. We can choose to learn from it. In the Yogic philosophy it is taught that we are all one. We are all interconnected. And that because of that interconnectedness we have a responsibility to live mindfully, respectfully, lovingly. We have a responsibility because the more of us who remain connected to a non-violent, forgiving, supportive way of being the more we emit those frequencies that help to balance the darker aspects of those choosing to live their lives with other agendas.

Am I suggesting that we love and honor the terrorists who flew planes into the Trade Center, killing hundreds of innocent people? No, not necessarily. But I am suggesting we start where we are - at the level of our own lives, within our friendships, our families, our work. Start there. Forgive those who have hurt you. See your similarities with them. Forgive yourself for letting your jealousy or your anger or insecurity get the better of you. Surround yourself with healthy things that make you feel good. Try to help others feel good. Give back in a positive way to the world, even if it's just taking the time to hold the door open for someone, or buying someone's coffee who's in line behind you at the cafe, or calmly just moving into the next lane when you see the person behind you is in a hurry without engaging in ridiculous road rage games. It's in our day to day living that we can create the most change.

And, sure, it's easy to write such idealistic things. I write and I teach about the things I myself am also practicing. It isn't always easy. But, this is it. This is what we have. This is our life. And the energy of love can truly heal and it must begin with ourselves. Tragedies will happen. Senseless acts of ugliness will continue. But if enough of us align our actions and our intent with love and with forgiveness, we can support each other through the tough times. We can lend our strength to those who may need a little boost.

Ever wonder why there are so many Warrior positions in Yoga? Think about it. Because that's really what we are. Warriors for peace. Warriors that protect and defend our definition of heaven on earth. It takes courage and strength to really love, to really forgive, to really see past the illusion of your insecure little ego and all it's stories that seek only to keep you from your greatest potential. Live courageously. Be grateful. Appreciate. Practice cultivating the strength it takes to keep your heart open.

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