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Tuesday, 6 September 2011

To Miss or Not to Miss

Life is full of uncertainties.

Why is it that certain people who come into your life are harder to get out than others? And others - well they're just there for a lifetime.

Driving home from Hamilton this evening after an amazing yoga class at one of my favorite Canadian Studios - De la Sol Yoga, I drove right into the most gorgeous sunset you could imagine. On this late summer eve, the sky was ablaze with pinks, purples and oranges. It was incredible. I felt open, relaxed and calm after my yoga class. And my mind couldn't help but reminisce about good times had, good friends lost and dreams that have been shoved to the back burner. Sometimes we get so caught up in trying to decipher other people's viewpoints and fend off other people's judgements that it's easy to forget why we're really here. For me - it's a quest for love and community. For others - it's a quest for money and fame. For others it's all about recognition. Maybe one day we can all come together and fuse our beliefs to create an amazing unified unstoppable team of dedicated people determined to support each other in their own awakening and committed to bringing out the best in others. Sometimes it's tough to feel like you are the only one who has such dreams.

We all fuck up. Let's be honest here. Everyone has bad days, bad months, bad years. We all get challenged. To think that you are immune to that is just preposterous! You're not special. Your'e not unique. You aren't any more important than any one else here. We are all in this together. Each and every one of us. Your problems are no more important than mine. And vice versa. There are times when you will be in the darkest of dark nights of the soul. There are times (lord knows) when I will be. There are times when we will be elated and mesmerized with the flow and power of our own creative existence.

But in the meantime - try, just try, to suspend judgement. We are all in this together. Forgive. See clearly. Focus on what you want. Be real. Drop the stories and the drama. This is it! Your life. You are creating it right now. With this thought.

Choose wisely.

May you be happy.

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