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Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Our Sacred Space - Fonthill's Newest Home for Yoga

The Village Yogi is now open and beginning to thrive.

This marks our official 3rd week of classes. And, I'm happy to report that without much advertising, classes are slowly filling up. It's exciting and wonderful to witness. I've felt since the beginning that this space has it's own Life. It's own heartbeat and a very special energy. While it's located on the bottom floor of a rather old building, our renovation extravaganza has transformed a once deeply neglected space into a homey, funky and peaceful place to practice.

After a couple weeks of settling back into teaching a full schedule I'm FINALLY starting to relax and enjoy the studio.

I've observed every one of the 4 amazing teachers that comprise the Village Yogi Team and all 3 of our Energy Exchange Volunteer Staff. And I am nothing short of deeply impressed. I've decided to simply relax and allow each person to blossom in their own way. I'm simply not going to get trapped in the expensive cat & mouse game of advertising and cohersing clients into the doors by de-valuing our incredible services in ridiculous discounts or gimmicks. I feel so proud and honored by The Team that I am simply going to stand back, allow them to flourish and assist in that process however possible.

I know The Village Yogi boasts some of the most talented, creative, wonderful teachers this entire Region has to offer. How wonderful that this is now open for our community to enjoy! And, yes, I must really stop thinking about this and GET TO BED!

Jaya Ganesha!

Here's a few pictures of our lovely new home: (pics complements of our very own  Jenny Karpenko)

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