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Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Teaching (Yoga) is a Privilege

It's true. Teaching Yoga is this wonderful, sacred, tender, exhilarating and sometimes humbling experience.It keeps us connected to our Truth. It's difficult (and incredibly obvious to others) to try and pretend to be someone you aren't when you are teaching. The most powerful of teachers are the ones who teach from their own experience - warts, vulnerabilities, skeletons and all. It reminds us how connected and similar we all are.

Often I'm not certain that students who attend Yoga Classes actually realize that their teacher, who is also Human, has sometimes had to overcome a multitude of setbacks just to make it to class that day. Yoga Teachers take on a phenomenal responsibility. They accept the challenge of allowing their Teaching to become part of their practice. This means that even though they may be tired, financially strapped, fighting with their boyfriend or spouse, menstruating, raising kids, battling traffic to get to the studio, and sometimes searching for their own inspiration - they still Show Up. Because they are committed to the work. And they know, by the sheer wisdom of their training, that all things are connected. And all things are constantly changing. And - as in the words of Pattabhi Jois (the grandfather of Astanga Yoga) if we "Just practice. All else is coming."

A tiny note to Yoga Teachers:
Regardless of where you teach - at the local park, in your own home, or especially at someone else's studio - your classes are your own little niche. Your own little practice.Your own little business. Your time to touch the hearts of others with your service. Be present. Show up. This is a great honor. As your classes build there is a reciprocal healing that takes place. Your students are blessed by you. And you are blessed by them.
That is some serious Magic.

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